Chain Bracelets

 Chain Bracelets

On this page you will find our range of Stainless Steel & Steel plated chain bracelets.

Under each photos states the size, colour and clasp option available in that particular product.

A Chain is what can turn your charms into a beautiful unique bracelet.

The Stainless Steel (surgical steel) Chain does not tarnish and does not require maintainence

The Steel Chains are STRONG with a QUALITY plating in various colours.

Lobster Clasps are also know as Parrot Clasps.

Magnetic Clasps are strong and very simple to use, we recommend you try one of these

Stainless Steel Chain Bracelets

The Chain Bracelets are STRONG steel chain with a QUALITY plating in various colours.


All the Chain Bracelets for our charms are FINISHED however you are able to shorten them if you require, you will need to just finish them off as follows;

1. Attach your charms to your Chain.

2. If you Decide you want the length shorter, use a blunt needle to open the double circle ring and attach it to the chain at the desired length.

3. You can then either cut off or leave the extra chain not required.


It is very simple and then you have your bracelet at the length you require.

The Stainless Steel (Surgical steel) Chain Bracelets do not tarnish and do not require maintenance.


All our Stainless Steel Chain Bracelets for our bracelets are FINISHED to length all you need to do 

is attach your charms to your Chain.

It is very simple and then you have a beautiful bracelet ready to wear at the length you want.